Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Harry Potter 4 u

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix…….The Quiz!

Im back again…..I’ve been out of quizzing action for some time now on blogs. So, I decided to step up again and the starting topic this time is Harry Potter concentrated more on Book 5. The blog would be updated regularly for new quizzes and other trivia . So post in your answers by mail to mail to: or without hesitation. The questions would be a mix of easy as well as hard . So do not hesitate to reply back. Good luck, lets begin.

1.Where does Harry first meet Sirius Black , where later on he and Dudley was attacked by Dementors?
2.What is the middle name of the former minister for Magic Fudge?
3.What was the name given to Dolores Umbridge due to the power she possessed using educational decrees?
4.Near which house is the kitchen in Hogwarts located?
5.Who replaced Professor Trelawney during the end of the fifth year as the divination teacher?
6.Which student leaked out the news of the Dumbledore’s Army better known as DA?
7.What did James Potter call Snape teasingly during his school days which harry saw in Snape’s pensieve?
8.What number should be dialed in the telephone box to enter Ministry of magic through visitor’s entrance in London?
9.Using what does the members of the DA communicate with each other?
10.According to the Quibbler, Sirius black was actually another person? Who?
11.Which ex headmaster of Hogwarts was a member of the Black family?
12.Who was the chief witness in favour of Harry during his hearing at the ministry of magic for using magic even after warnings in muggle resident area?
13.Who was the new seeker during fifth year of Harry at Hogwarts after he was given a lifetime ban?
14.What was the name given to the group of leaders consisting of Slytherin students appointed by Umbridge to punish students for misdeeds?
15.What was the last mischief done by Fred and George at Hogwarts before leaving?
16.For whom does Dobby take all the items left by Hermione as part of her SPEW activity?
17.Who replaces Hagrid as the care of magical creatures professor in his absence during Harry’s fifth year?
18.Who is the examiner that examines Harry during defence against dark arts and also astronomy during his OWLS?
19.A sitter… Who was the girl prefect of Ravenclaw during Harry’s fifth year at Hogwarts?
20.Easy one to round off…. Who killed Sirius Black?
Thank you


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